One comment on “Protecting American Citizens From Drones

  1. Dear Mr. Stevenson,

    Thank you Mr. Stevenson for enlightening the world as a true journalist. Well journalists are the concious keepers of the society they live in. Hope we shall be privileged to read more of it soon.

    This article is an eye opener for anyone even if you are a blind. Fundamental human rights such as hearing of the case is even constituted in the so called Spanish Inquisition times. We are living in the beginning of the 21st century and America is a Christian country the whole world will be looking upon for leadership; especially matters of this nature. Crime is part and parcel of human nature as we were submitted our soles to the Satan through heritage. But it matters how we deal with it; that makes us Christian or non Christian.

    The Article is true to the core as the credibility of the author, it is high time that US government have a very serious look at the process and procedures of dealing with crime. To give some example the Spanish inquisition was the first legal system that appointed advocates for the accused and it was mandatory to maintain a clear and concious documentation for each and every trial they conduct. As a matter of fact these records are available even today. Yet some who do not know or understand anything about this inquisition business or the one wanted to accuse the church for wrong doing (I am not to defending the Inquisition) will say the victims of inquisition would be in the millions. The truth is even if we consider the entire European episode including France, England and Rome it will not account for not more than 10,000. Why such discrepancy we may ask ; simply because of the fact that some one in the latter stages of the inquisition in the late 18 th and early 19 th centuries overlooked matters such as this article mentioned.

    Birty Chacko
    With greetings from DOWN-UNDER.


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